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Elephants fly!

Need to modernize your mainframe applications?

Want to access your mainframe data via a browser or mobile device without setting up a very complex infrastructure? Without massive programming costs?

The solution is here: Light Weight Web (LWW) framework for CICS. The new “web wonder”!

The LWW framework will turn your existing CICS systems into a full blown webservers enabling you to host any HTTP content (HTML/XML/JSON) and provide real restful CICS COBOL web services?

With LWW you are able to completely renew your application landscape and at the same time get the most out of the applications you've invested heavily in. It minimizes reprogramming costs by 80% and uses existing z/OS CICS security framework.

See what we can do ...

Pigs can't fly: Elephants do. Nothing is impossible!

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