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The LWW framework for CICS ™ is developed by Y-Innovate to support web development with CICS on System Z. LWW will be installed as a CICS plugin and comes with a standard web interface. Storing web components in folder structures on the mainframe and an Eclipse plugin are also part of the product.
Using the standard CICS web support
The LWW framework for CICS™ uses the standard CICS web support that has been available within CICS for more than 10 years now. Using the LWW framework form CICS™ will ease up the use of the standard CICS web support within your applications as it automatically connects your normal CICS transactions to your webpages.

Taking advantage of everything the web has to offer
Of course you can use style sheets, frames, pictures and movies with the LWW framework for CICS™. But LWW also enables you to use your open source web framework of choice like JQuery or Dojo. So nothing is stopping you from creating your web applications directly from CICS on the mainframe.

Storing your webpages and scripts on System Z
All webpages and scripts you create within the LWW framework for CICS™ are stored on System Z and will benefit of all advantages System Z has to offer. But you can access your webpages, scripts, stylesheets, pictures or movies through a normal folder structure. Just as you would do, when working on Windows, Unix, Linux of OSX systems.
Develop web pages through your web browser
The LWW framework for CICS™ has a special development and maintenance interface that is accessible through your web browser. Using this interface you can immediately start developing web pages on System Z.

Integrate your application development using Eclipse
The LWW framework for CICS™ comes with a new LWW Eclipse plugin. Using this plugin, development of web front ends can be integrated with the development of applications using the IBM rational tools, like Rational Developer for System Z.

Advanced security
The security products available on System Z (like IBM's RACF or CA's ACF2 and TopSecret) are the most advanced and secure systems available in the market today. The LWW framework for CICS™ takes advantage of the available security features for users and CICS transactions.


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